Another Shut-out

For the 6/28/12 Tigers @ Rays game, parents weren’t a problem, actually  they helped. My Dad works for Stats LLC. and I managed to get a ticket for the game. And I got to go to BP. But I got no baseballs. While my Dad was in the press box I was in the stands chasing balls. I didn’t get there in time for the Rays BP, but I was there for the Tigers BP. When I got there I went straight to right field and guess who was up? Prince Fielder! I thought I had a guaranteed ball, but no, even though he was hitting home run after home run to the right field stands, I couldnt ever adjust myself to get in the perfect spot. Another thing I noticed, Tropicana stinks for snagging! There is plenty of up and down staircases, but there were no cross isles. I tried for a lot of balls just to get my first ball, but no, no balls.

In the 8th inning I headed over to home plate to get balls from players and the ump, but I was in the wrong place for the ump and, I guess, I was just unlucky for the players. People right next to me got balls and even a bat!

So I left the field without anything, accept foe Luke Scotts autograph. Maybe next time it’ll be three times the charm.


6/12/12 First Game Shut-Out

Okay, first let me say this, this is not the first game I attended. But this is the first game I attended as a ballhawk. It was a Brewers @ Royals game. I had all my gear with me, my backpack, my rosters, and even my glove trick. But being a 13 year old ballhawk it’s not easy. First your parents don’t take you early to BP and while you’re there they don’t let you get up to chase balls. For instance, a home run (not sure who hit it) landed about 20 feet feet to my right and they wouldn’t even let me try to get it. I was so mad. But, we were sitting right behind the Brewers bullpen and I was going to ask a player or coach to throw up a ball at the end of the game, but by then I was to late. I didn’t even try, they threw the balls in the ball bag to fast. I was going to run over to the home plate umpire to ask for balls, but thanks to my dad, I wasn’t allowed to. I got shut-out. Other than the $35 All Star game ball I bought at the stadium store. Maybe i’ll have better luck back at home at Tropicana field.